Mastering Your Mind, One Thought At A Time


        AVAILABLE August 2015

Many have speculated that Freemasonry has a mystical origins and that it is the modern vessel within which the ancient mysteries are preserved and carried. Dr. Jeff Menzise, a 32nd degree and Royal Arch Mason, as well as an initiate of various African orders, takes this notion a step further by sharing many of his mystical initiatic experiences in both the Lodge and in the remote villages of Africa. 

A wonderful and in depth exploration of the relationship between Western Freemasonry and African initation systems, this book explores the theory that Prince Hall and the fourteen other founders of African Lodge Freemasonry (what is currently called Prince Hall Freemasonry) used the word "African" when naming their lodge as a clue, giving direction to the future generations of Prince Hall Freemasons. This sign tells us to seek more light and spiritual understanding from an  African perspective and through the African systems of initiation. The author supports his theory by referencing the large amounts of African sybolism found throughout the Craft, all of which has been acknowledged for more than a century by Western Freemasonry.

Throughout volume one of Symbolically Speaking: African Lodge #1, the author takes the reader on a journey of personal experiences as both an African Initiate and a Prince Hall Freemason, highlighting their similarities and showing how both systems can practically co-exist, side-by-side, within the same individual. He makes a seemless connection between certain aspects of African initiation and the Masonic processes experienced by millions of Freemasons worldwide, drawing on scholarship from European archaologists and African-American scholars such as George G. M. James, Malidoma Some' and Ra Un Nefer Amen. 

The most learned of Freemasonic scholars as well as those who have studied and experienced African initiations will have their eyes opened to an aspect of their initiation journey, previously unexplored. This volume provides the context while volume 2 explores the worldview, and the paradigm shifting knowledge of symbolism, psychology, and the Masonic Craft.

In this volume you will find:

  • A detailed exploration of African Spirituality.
  • An insightful look into Freemasonry within the context of African Spirituality.
  • Freemasonry as a Rites of Passage Process.
  • An image gallery containing various references to African spirituality found in very important Masonic Lodges. 
  • Transcript of the original Charter provided to African Lodge #1 by the Grand Lodge of England.
  • Transcripts of two speeches delivered by WM Prince Hall to the African Lodge. 
  • Transcript of a sermon preached by Rev. John Marrant to the African Lodge.
  • Entire transcript of Martin R. Delany's famous address on the "The Origin and Objects of Ancient Freemasonry, Its Introduction into the United States, and Legitimacy Among Colored Men."