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Dumbin Down: Reflections on the Mis-Education of the Negro


Dumbin' Down: Reflections on the                        Mis-Education of the Negro                         Jeff Menzise, Ph.D.    


In his first book, Dr. Jeff Menzise has taken on the monumental task of reflecting on the bold and timeless work of Dr. Carter G. Woodson (The Mis-Education of the Negro). He unapologetically engages in a conversation with Dr. Woodson, bringing his original ideas forward into the 21st century by introducing his own thoughts and perspectives to this worldwide issue that should concern everyone. Written with the same candor and tone as Dr. Woodson's work, Dr. Menzise presents his thoughts in plain language, making this work accessible to anyone interested in educating, raising, and developing healthy children.

      Dumbin' Down addresses issues of        mis-education as it relates to parenting, self-concept, self-esteem, media influence, and also provides the tools necessary for re-educating and correcting the problems that come with mis-education. As a parent, educator, licensed school psychologist, and doctor of clinical psychology, Dr. Menzise has the expertise and experience neccesary to reveal those things that have all too often gone unnoticed or unaddressed by the masses of people. In this book, he not only helps the reader to identify the presence of "agents of dumbness", but also assists the reader to develop protection against the influence of intentional dumbing down. From pre-enslavement lies to the current manipulation of popular culture, Dr. Menzise leaves no stone unturned and challenges us all to identify and do away with these aspects within ourselves.