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Dumbin' Down: Reflections on the Mis-education of the Negro - Book


The first of Dr. Menzise's books is a chapter for chapter reflection on the timeless work of Dr. Carter G. Woodson: The Mis-Education of the Negro (1933). Dr. Menzise applies his expertise as a clinically trained School Psychologist, parent, and educator to the already lucid, insightful and prophetic thoughts of Dr. Woodson.

The reader will be taken on a candid, no holds barred journey that highlights many of the struggles that have been experienced in education since the days of enslavement and the difficult task presently facing parents, eduators and those seeking to be educated. Dr. Menzise's writing is refreshing and paints vivid pictures of deep concepts that may otherwise be difficult to grasp. His devotion, passion, and commitment as an eductor is evidenced by his work.

This book is recommended for all who are interested in improving the lives of children, families, and communities. It will give voice to your inner thoughts and concerns, and will serve as a motivating guide to begin solving many of the problems we are facing today.

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