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Quotes On the onset of my 45th earthday I found myself at a crossroads in my life. I knew I needed to do something different, to change the way I have always lived my life. I was tired of attracting the same situations and people who were not doing me any good but continusiously setting me back. I had to change myself and I did not know how to go by doing it. I contacted Dr. Menzise (J. Menaq) and rendered his assistance. Within in the first week of our sessions, I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off of my shoulders. I am feeling great as he is continuing guiding me through the process of discovering the NEW ME. His services are affordable, and he always checks in with me and is available for any of my questions. I THANK YOU J. Menaq for helping me and I recommend your services to all who find themselves at a crossroads in their lives too. Quotes
Trazana Staples
Executive Director/Founder

Quotes Menaq Amurr is a jewel to our community he has really helped me along my path to live and be in TRUTH. His teaching is new age and hip. HE'S THE TRUTH!!!! Quotes
Azizah Nubia

Quotes When I first saw Menaq Amurr in passing, my spirit recognized him as One of the Awakened (for a lack of better words.) This is a true Ray of Light that will assist many in the Opening of the Way! The times that we're living in now and where we are positioned cosmically, it is more crucial than ever to tap into all the resources that the Universe has given us. Well, Bro. Menaq Amurr is truely one! Every lecture and every Reading has proven itself to be a Crucial part in opening the way of truth for me on my Spiritual Journey. You are drawn to this website at this time for a reason. Don't miss out on receiving your ray of light from this beckon of Truth.......... Sakalyah - Nashville, TN Healer Quotes

Quotes I have known Dr. J ( Bro. Menaq Amurr) for many years. All of my experiences with him have been inspiring, mind altering, motivating and healing. I have recieved spiritual readings, advise and consultation from him on several occassions and each time the feedback was accurate, enlightening and empowering. He always encourages me to challenge my own thoughts, to think with my highest self and to "GO HARD & PUSH THRU- 10 toes on tha ground"with whatever will take me to a higher vibration. Not only has he supplied me with herbal and dietary regimines for specific conditions I have dealt with in the past; He has also put the proper information within my reach to help me heal my self and my loved ones on many levels. Me, my husband and our 2 yr. old attended a family sweat lodge session earlier this year. It was our first time in the lodge- and the results were wonderful. We all left refreshed, balanced and cleansed. My daughters asthmatic symptoms vanished within 24 hrs. ! Ashe' Quotes
he always puts my mind on what matters :-)

Quotes I'm one of few words, but there are no!!!!!!! Words for what Dr. Menzise and his family has done for me and my Spirit...and I thank them! Quotes
K.W. The Road Warrior
Expressing Gratitude...

Quotes My brother, my brother - YOU are the one who got it going on and I will definitely pass the word! But THANK YOU for helping me to see the path... Maaaan, I was too close up on it! Whew! Transformation periods are DEEP....and thank you again for all the support on the book too :) Quotes
Author Making Moves
On my journey...

Quotes Dr. Menzise has tremendously helped me with many aspects of my life. From referring books for me to read, informing me about lectures that were in my field of study to even giving me facts about health and diet. There were times when I contacted him in tears and he has always been consistent with his promptness to respond and his availability. Consulting with Dr. Menzise has helped me be able to make decisions and put things in perspective. I have recommended many friends, acquaintances and even my parents to consult with Dr. Menzise. All of them have thanked me for it and shared how liberated they felt after their consultation. His energy is so elevating and he provides comical relief when it is necessary. Consulting with him will truly help you breath again! Quotes
D.M. - West Coast
Breath of Fresh Air

Quotes Wow! The insights and guidance I have received from Doc J. Menaq is second to none. He has the uncanny ability of seeing deep into the situation at hand, and assisting with a plan of action that is concise and effective...well worth the time and resources! Quotes
Truth Seeker - Nashville