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Evolution of Modern Consciousness

Posted by J. Menaq on May 28, 2016 at 6:35 PM

Evolution of Modern Consciousness

By Jeff Menzise, Ph.D.

“It must be clearly understood that the mere fact of living in the present does not make a man modern, for in that case everyone at present alive would be so. He alone is modern who is fully conscious of the present…Indeed, he is completely modern only when he has come to the very edge of the world, leaving behind him all that has been discarded and outgrown, and acknowledging that he stands before the Nothing out of which All may grow…"

"A great horde of worthless people do in fact give themselves a deceptive air of modernity by skipping the various stages of development and the tasks of life they represent. Suddenly they appear by the side of the truly modern man—uprooted wraiths, bloodsucking ghosts whose emptiness casts discredit upon him in his unenviable loneliness. Thus it is that the few present-day men are seen by the undiscerning eyes of the masses only through the dismal veil of those spectres, the pseudo-moderns, and are confused with them.”

In the above quote, C.G. Jung describes what he considers to be an individual, or rather a class of individuals who have evolved in their consciousness. They have, by some special instruction, developed an uncanny ability to heighten their awareness of the current space and time occupied by reality, and have somehow leveraged this perspective to their own advantage. These are the human beings who usher in the next era of experience for the world. They are the ones pushing back the boundaries of the paradigm, in hopes of expanding the possibilities offered by tomorrow. They seek to revolutionize what it is to be human, and how this newly evolved human being functions with their newfound gifts and talents.

The special processes and procedures associated with the awakening of a so-called “modern” man has been widely known to the greater part of humans for the major part of human history. It is often codified in the many rites of passage and initiatory sciences found amongst the so-called primitive factions still found in various corners of the planet. Most pronouncedly, we find a very clear and detailed record amongst the Kemetic people of Ancient Egypt. Where Jung uses the word “modern,” the Ancient Egyptians used the concept of Ausar. An Ausarian is an individual who, like Jung’s modern man, has evolved his level of consciousness (in both Awakeness and Awareness) to the degree that he truly experiences himself and his life as being One with All that is. And like the modern man “standing before the Nothing out of which All may grow,” the Ausarian stands before Amen, the Hidden Nothingness, from which All things are formed.

The idea that there are somehow fraudulent imitators of modern or evolved Ausarian people is as true today as it was when Jung wrote his essay. It was also true of the ancients, however, their masses were perhaps more endowed with the gifts of discernment to distinguish between the authentic and the fake. In today’s society, with all of our technological advances, we have infinite amounts of information readily available at the click of a mouse, the stroke of a keyboard, or the swift movements of our thumbs. Where once we were required to unroll scrolls kept by wise teachers, we are know searching terms and videos for the information. Where once we were commonly encouraged to develop the inner ability to tap into more-subtle resources of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, we are now more encouraged to simply use media-supplied catch phrases that give the appearance of intellectual depth, and a fortified character.

This is the culture that has spawned the mis-use of the term “Hoteps” to describe a group of fakers who pose as modern or Ausarian men and women. It is these who Jung speaks of as uprooted wraiths, bloodsucking ghosts, and pseudo-moderns, with whom the masses confuse a true Ausarian modern. The heightened sense of awareness, that is, the awakened and superior consciousness of the Ausarian becomes both the blessing and the curse because the modern is fully-capable of discerning the fraud, and is fully aware of the blindness of the masses due to their inability to perceive reality beyond the surface. This leads to experiences of persecution, and is why the initiate has to develop the “freedom from resentment under persecution,” as written in the laws of Hermes (Tehuti). As an Ausarian, the modern individual is no longer attached to certain desires and conditionings as are the fakers. Where a faker will still do things that clearly demonstrate their entanglements with the worldly ways of the sleepwalker, the Ausarian, in truly mummified form, is impervious and in no way motivated by those forces. If an Ausarian is viewed engaging in such things, it is surely based on a clear-minded decision to do so. A perfect example of this is the story of Jesus (an Ausarian) overturning the moneychangers’ tables and appearing to be angry as he ran the thieves out of the Temple.

There is no way that he was truly being led by anger, but is guaranteed that this story illustrates his ability to use emotion to convey a specific message to those in a way that they need to hear it. On the flip side, the fakers will attempt to reverse engineer an excuse for engaging in such behaviors, attempting to ascribe “righteous indignation” to what in reality was an inability to control and utilize their emotions. Pulpit pimps, and other so-called powerful people who fall prey to their desires are also clear examples of the fakers; the pseudo-moderns. They give the appearance of piety, only in dress and language, the superficial aspects of their being; however, when one observes their behaviors with a true sense of discernment, they are easy to identify as were the aliens in the movie “They Live,” once Rowdy Roddy Piper put on the shades.

The accessibility of information is what allows the fakers to be able to skip over the stages and processes of development that are truly necessary for becoming an authentic modern, an Ausarian. They, sometimes innocently, actually believe that the command of information, the wearing of certain cloths, and the use of certain words and phrases is what actually makes them conscious. There is a false belief amongst them that reinforces this fraud; this belief is that information is knowledge, and that information, details and facts are what determine the truth…not realizing that the information, details and facts can all be false, and hence, not true.

For those who are truly interested in standing on the edge of today, aware of the immediate present, and developing a superior present-day consciousness I say the following:

Learn to sit still in both mind and body. Prepare yourself to deepen your perspective of reality, while shedding the oft-times rewarded aspects of your superficial nature. Align yourself with self-refinement and self-discipline, improving yourself from one day to the next. Detach from the insecurities that have secretly encouraged you to fake your consciousness…then, and only then, will you be able to release that which binds you to your fakeness. 

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