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The Danger of Truffle Butter

Posted by J. Menaq on March 18, 2015 at 10:25 AM

The Danger of Truffle Butter

By Jeff Menzise, Ph.D.

For all my folks seeking out that "Truffle Butter"...yup, the beat is off the hook!!!! Sampling Mary Jane Coles "What They Say" with the Colonel Abrams sounding dude on the hook, we can't help but to rock hard to it. Not to mention the masterful delivery of all that are featured on the track. The 3 person tag team of Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj may very well be the best crew in rap right now...This is what makes a song such as this soooo potentially dangerous. Lyrically it's pretty much the same as most shit hop right now: glorifying drugs, violence, and risky sexual behaviors. What sets this one apart is the title and the meaning of "Truffle Butter."

For my vanilla folks out there, those of us that don't know much about the riskier sides of sexual activity, truffle butter is a slang term used to identify the light-brownish "cream" that is sometimes observed when a person goes from having anal sex directly to having vaginal intercourse WITHOUT cleaning themselves first. The brown in the cream is fecal matter, shit, dookie, etc. The creamy feature is due to the mixing with vaginal secretions and the friction of sex. This post is NOT about what people choose to do sexually, to each their own; quoting the great philosopher Andre 3000, "Whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote..." This post IS about the dangers of allowing such irresponsible displays of sexuality to go unchecked.

Like really, do we think that Nicki Minaj is allowing Meek Mill or whoever she is sexing to go directly from her anus to her vagina? Do we really think that Lil Wayne will approve of his daughter to allow for the same thing to happen? Do you honestly believe that Drake's Rabbi who circumsized him as part of his Bar Mitzvah would have given him this advice. My answer to all three is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! Why not? Glad you asked. The reason is that this behavior is KNOWN to create a hostile environment in the vagina leading to all types of infections, none of which are pleasant and comfortable to a woman. It's the reason why girls are taught to "wipe from front to back, and not back to front." It decreases the likelihood of bacteria found in the digestive tract, specifically the anus, migrating and populating the vagina, and urinary tract.

Another risk associated with unprotected and/or irresponsible anal sex is the higher chances of contracting certain STDs (some sources also say Hepatitis C). All of this and more, is what is being promoted, seeded and programmed via the song "Truffle Butter." The lyrics don't necessarily reflect that, however, if you read along, you will see that both dudes (Wayne and Drake) refer to it (Wayne more explicitly than Drake), but best believe, the children listening have looked up the phrase to see what it means. I looked it up one day after hearing the radio deejays joking over the phrase after playing the song. They said "We can't say what it means on the radio, but go to our website and look it up...you will be surprised!" So I went to the urban dictionary and yup, I was surprised.

The hook starts with "You Know..." but in reality, most are totally ignorant.

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