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MIND ON THE MATTER was founded by Dr. Jeff Menzise  (J. Menaq) as a vehicle to utilize his gifts, talents, knowledge, and skills in service of those in need. He is a doctor of clinical psychology, former school psychologist, certified hypnotist, professor, holisitic health consultant, initiated and ordained multi-faith priest/minister, author, certified Kemetic Yoga teacher (level 1), reiki master, life coach and consultant. He has worked extensively in matters concerning holistic health, mind, body & spirit alignment, marriage and family planning, self-development, initiation and rites of passage program development, life purpose guidance, meditation, yoga and pranic healing.


 Through his radio program Mind on the Matter consultations and speaking engagements, Dr. Menzise has reached thousands of people, assisting and empowering individuals, communities, familes, couples and organizations to become more efficient, effective, healthy and on-purpose. He has been mentored and trained internationally by well-known authors, healers, and organizations through direct instruction, culturally-based travel experiences, certification programs, workshop attendance and facilitating retreats.


Dr. Menzise uses both modern and ancient techniques in his craft including meditation, yoga, chi (qi) gong, spiritual cultivation, principles of modern psychotherapy, crystals, stones, botanical essences, creative visualization, reiki, hypnosis, Kundalini and Tantric instruction, Pranayama breathing modalities, pranic healing techniques, herbs and meal planning. He has received strong support and praise from various organizations, individuals, couples and families and is excited to make these services available to you.



Our philosophy:

We can all choose to be empowered in order to improve ourselves. And through this choice, we are consciously taking control of our lives, moment by moment, and enabling ourselves to maximize and awaken our dormant potential for greatness. Please browse our services and schedule your initial consultation today.


  • "On the onset of my 45th earthday I found myself at a crossroads in my life. I knew I needed to do something different, to change the way I have always lived my life. I was tire..."
    Trazana Staples
    Executive Director/Founder
  • "Menaq Amurr is a jewel to our community he has really helped me along my path to live and be in TRUTH. His teaching is new age and hip. HE'S THE TRUTH!!!!"
    Azizah Nubia